We are currently developing product lines for other youth sports. Please send us an email requesting your sport and we can give you a timeline of a roll out.

Pictures, medals, and Varsity letters are provided by the customer and are therefore personal/custom items. Any additional items (such as an autographed ball) would fall under a custom frame category. Please send us an email regarding your request and we can provide a reasonable quote.

Most products allow for horizontal or vertical picture format depending on the orientation of your photo.  The largest picture in our current product line is 8”x 6” so enlarging pictures are rarely an issue.  When uploading your picture, the website will flag your photo if the resolution quality is not adequate prior to check out.

You can send us the actual photo from your package following the same procedure as sending us a medal or Varsity letter.  The photo, however, would need to fit the available dimensions as we would not be able to manipulate it.

Please send us an email regarding your request and we can provide a reasonable quote for a custom piece.  Note that more items would likely increase the size of the piece.


We can’t put a trophy in a frame at this time.  We suggest taking a picture holding the trophy and using that as the picture in your MOMENT.

After we receive all of the elements in your Moment (pictures, medal, and/or Varsity letter), typical shipping time is 4-6 weeks.  We will notify you via email of any delays.  If you have a deadline (birthday or other celebration), please send an email to our customer service and we will communicate expediting options.

Of course!  We provide a shipping label which includes the mailing address and your order # for convenience, but you can send the items form whichever carrier your choose.   We strongly recommend you use a trackable shipping method to ensure your items don’t get lost in transit.

A padded envelope big enough to house your medal or letter will work best.  If sending photos, be sure to use a cardboard envelope to prevent bending or other damage.

You will be sent an email when your completed MOMENT is shipped to your home with a tracking number.

We have taken great care to ensure proper packaging for your MOMENT.  Should something unforeseen happen, please reach out to our customer service team immediately and we will work to rectify the problem.