1. Choose
your Moment

Pick your product by sport or by award (varsity letter, medal, etc).

2. Customize
your Nameplate

Fill in the information you want included in your Moment – such as name, team, year, award, etc.

3. Upload
your Pictures

Upload digital files of the pictures you want included.  The preview allows you to try different pictures until you get the exact look you want.

4. Mail your
award (if applicable)

If your Moment includes a medal or varsity letter, simply send to us in a padded envelope from the carrier of your choice.


David Jerome and Scott Monize, business partners, cousins, and respectively Godfather and Godson, decided more than 10 years ago to turn their passion for collecting baseball cards into a living.   Living the Dream SPORTS is today a professional memorabilia and trading card business and has created its first subsidiary:  Living the Dream MOMENTS.   Find out how a couple of sports fans from New Bedford, Massachusetts took the lessons from the professional sports world and turned it into a brand new venture serving youth sports: LTD MOMENTS.

David Jerome and Scott Monize in front of booth display at a volleyball tournament.

Two easy ways to make it YOUR MOMENT

Upload Your Photo

Send digital files of the pictures you want included.  Simple instructions will guide your uploads based on your Moment selection.  You will be shown the format (landscape vs. portrait) needed for your Moment as well as proper resolution.  Don’t worry – most phone photos work just fine!!!

Note: you can also send your pictures if you have purchased a photographer’s portrait package without a digital option. Follow the instructions for Mail Your Award.

Mail Your Award

If your Moment includes a medal or Varsity letter, simple instructions will guide you to print a shipping label.  Adhere it to a padded envelope (whatever size fits your object best) with your item and ship via UPS.   Prefer a different shipping carrier?  No problem – just put the shipping label inside the envelope for customer tracking – and address the envelope yourself.

Note: your pre-printed shipping label will include your customer ID number so that YOUR award gets matched to YOUR Moment.


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